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Deadbones longs for the day the Dark Lord will return. (HP AU! Origin story)
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So I've realized I definitely don't have time or really the required interest to do nice fancy portraits of all the professors like I'd planned. Instead I'll just post what I've got here, and maybe post more later.

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Also known as "Wild attempts to write a fluffy Valentine's Day fic at 2am."


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In which there is a professor of Herbology, way too many crows, the head of house Slytherin being very sinister, an exasperated head of Ravenclaw, and a terrified third year.
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I can already tell some of you are gonna get sick of the HP AU so apologies in advance )


Also, shameless self-promotion here, I'm doing portraits of the guys as the professors and I post them as I finish them over at twitter and tumblr, so if you want to see them as I do them, you may want to follow me at one of those places. I will also be posting the entire set here and to reddit once I've done all of them, but that may not be any time soon.


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